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Singleton Automotive Centre Caves Classic,
Hampton, Jenolan, Vulcan and Essington State Forests,
Saturday April 13 2019

Stages 3 and 7 - Essington State Forest
21.97 kilometres

Photos taken at MRC11. I got there from the west by reading a map. I could describe the road into this point as a goat track, but even goats might have had second thoughts.

The competitors' instructions for the stage. Click for a larger view.

From the start control to about MRC13.

Standard disclaimer.

These videos aren't to prove how fast I can drive, they are to show people what rally roads look like. I stick to about 60km/h because a) it's the legal speed limit in State Forests, and b) my 1993 Falcon wagon with rear leaf springs, road tyres and pretty useless rear shocks is not a rally car. Also, I have to remember where to go without anyone sitting beside me reading out instructions.

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