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Singleton Automotive Centre Caves Classic,
Hampton, Jenolan, Vulcan and Essington State Forests,
Saturday April 13 2019

Stages 1 and 5 - Hampton State Forest
7.85 kilometres

With no spectator points in the stage and limited access without going the very long way round, I restricted photography on this stage to cars waiting to start for the first time on the day. You could almost smell the anticipation.

The competitors' instructions for the stage. Click for a larger view.

The stage, with the almost motionless Jeep and the head-on Corolla edited out. Tourists are lovely people even when they are nuisances. Obviously I have to take these videos at some day other than when the rally is happening.

Standard disclaimer.

These videos aren't to prove how fast I can drive, they are to show people what rally roads look like. I stick to about 60km/h because a) it's the legal speed limit in State Forests, and b) my 1993 Falcon wagon with rear leaf springs, road tyres and pretty useless rear shocks is not a rally car. Also, I have to remember where to go without anyone sitting beside me reading out instructions. This video is 10:50 long, the fastest car in the event (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO9) did it in 4:32.

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