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This event was organised by the Nissan Datsun Drivers' Club and was Round 5 of the MTA NSW State Rally Championship and Round 5 of the East Coast Classic Rally Series. The rally was a blind road book event with one stage on shire roads and three forest stages repeated twice. The first stage of the event featured the iconic Mt Horrible shire roads and then moved to the traditional forest roads in Sunny Corner State Forest. You can see the Supplementary Regulations by clicking on the picture on the right.

This rally had sentimental value for me because it took place on some of the roads used in the very first rally I ever competed in. I did that event to see if I would like rallying better than the bitumen circuit events I had been competing in. I did and the rest is history. Here is a photo of me in my first rally car coming in for a soft landing somewhere in that event.

The rally HQ, ceremonial start and servicing took place at the brand new and spacious Jack Arrow Complex, Rugby League Ground, Hereford Street, Bathurst. The complex provided food and beverages during the rally, operated by local volunteers. The presentation at the end of the event was also at the complex with food and necessary dust-clearing alcohol available.

Unless you are really familiar with the forests being used, can read a map and know how to find your way in and out without using blocked roads, good spectator instructions are essential whether you are watching a rally for the first time, a regular spectator or someone trying to find a good place to get photos and video for the media.

What happened during the day.

In-car videos of a couple of the stages will be here shortly. At the time of writing I'm in the middle of moving house, so my time can be used more productively by packing my belongings into boxes rather than driving around forests taking pictures. The videos will be accompanied by the relevant road book pages so that you can see not only the sort of roads used but the instructions given to competitors.

Now I'll let the pictures tell the story.

I make no apology for liking Datsun 1600s and oldish Fords. They are my heritage.
And then the sweep car. Why shouldn't the officials have some fun too.

Results will be available shortly from the Nissan Datsun Drivers' Club web site.

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