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AMSAG Orange Rally 2018
Canobolas State Forest - Special Stage 1

One of the objectives of this site is to introduce and explain rallying to people who might not know anything about it. For this reason I like to include some videos of what the competitive stages look like from inside the car. The video below is the first part of Special Stage 1 in Canobolas State Forest. I must point out that I drive a 1993 Falcon wagon which is about as far from a rally car as you can get. I limit my speed and avoid sliding or flicking the car to avoid damage to the road tyres, I don't get airborne over crests and as I have nobody to read the instructions to me I have to memorise a page at a time and slow down when I'm not sure what will happen next. I'm just showing what the roads look like, not what you would see in competition.

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This was recorded on the Wednesday before the event when, unlike the actual day, the weather was perfect. There are a couple of edits where I had to stop to make sure I was in the right place on the route chart (a real rally driver has someone to read the instructions and tell him where to go) and there were a couple of cautions where if you overshot a corner you would have to go to Bunnings to get a rope long enough to winch you back onto the road. Also, for some reason my usual accuracy at estimating distances was having a day off so I was being careful.

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