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New South Wales Rally Calendar 2017

The calendar of NSW events for 2017. I intend to be at the ones marked in yellow, and I'll be at the ones marked in pink as well if the budget allows. (Thanks to Rally NSW for the list.)

Date Event NameOrganising ClubSeries
16th February Whiteline Tarmac RallysprintNSSCCClub Rallysprint
19th February Nabiac RallysprintCNCSCCRSS Round 1
26th February Wollondilly 270CRCTRE/TA
4th March Rally New EnglandNESCCNSWRC Round 1
10th-11th March 

Southern Mountains Trial Revisited

Historic Rally ClubTRE/TA
12th March Coffs RallysprintCHDSCCRSS Round 2

16th March

 Whiteline Tarmac RallysprintNSSCCClub Rallysprint
25th March Hastings RallysprintHSCCRSS Round 3
18th March*Oberon RallyAMSAG 
1st April April Fool's RunCRCTRE/TA
1st April Awaba RallysprintWACClub Rallysprint
7th-9th April Condo 750Condobolin Sports PromotionN/A
8th April Caves ClassicNSSCCDRS Round 1
29th AprilAwaba RallysprintWACClub Rallysprint
13th May*Tumut RallyAMSAG 
20th May Volksmuller Gravel RallysprintNSSCCRSS Round 4
27th May National Capital RallyBMSCNSWRC Round 2
10th-11th June*Bega RallyAMSAG 
17th June Awaba RallysprintWACClub Rallysprint
25th June Tour d'CourseAROCATRE/TA
1st July "BP Clybucca"KSCCDRS Round 2
8th July Awaba RallysprintWACRSS Round 5
22nd July Narooma Forest RallyBMSCDRS Round 3
29th July*Bulahdelah RallyAMSAG 
6th August 

Rally of the Valley

12th August 

Rally of the Bay

12th August Awaba RallysprintWACClub Rallysprint
26th August Myall StagesNDDCDRS Round 4
2nd September Wagga RallysprintWDCCRSS Round 6
9th-10th SeptemberMG ClassicMG Car Club SydneyTRE/TA
16th September*Orange RallyAMSAG 
17th September Barraganyatti RallysprintKSCCRSS Round 7
23rd September Awaba RallysprintWACClub Rallysprint
23rd September MinidullaSKDACDRS Round 5
5th-7th October NSWBP Rally (Rerun)Historic Rally ClubTRE/TA
28th October*Johns River RallyAMSAG 
4th November Cooma RallyLCCCDRS Round 6
4th-5th November Alpine ClassicCRCTRE/TA
18th November Rally AustraliaRally AustraliaNSWRC Round 5

AMSAG 2017 Pipe King Southern Cross Rally Series

Events marked "*" are part of a parallel series run by the Australian Motor Sport Action Group. Again, I intend to be at the ones marked in yellow and I'll do my best to be at the ones marked in pink. (Please note - I am not interested in taking sides in the CAMS v AMSAG debate. You can read the history here.)

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