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Oberon Rally
Saturday, April 24, 2016

Another rally running just down the road from where I live, centred on Black Springs. Many of the roads were extremely familiar even though I hadn't been rallying for a long time. Someone said that this was the first time a rally had gone into Arkstone forest for several decades. Coincidentally, a search through the "archives" in my shed turned up the details of a rally for which I had been Assistant Director and which had passed through this very area, as well as using a lot of Vulcan forest. Maybe that's why everything seemed so familiar.

For this event I was introduced to another change since the olden days - everyone could communicate by UHF radio. Also, a paramedic ambulance was located at rally headquarters. These improvements in competitor safety and security have to be applauded, and should have been available forever. Rallying is a dangerous game and anything that can improve the safety of competitors is welcome.

You can see final results for the event here.

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